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Old News...

Nov 05 2006: The old fanlisting script failed spectacularly and I've replaced it with a different script.

Aug 14 2006: I can't believe I forgot to add an update when the long-awaited final DVD was released! Ahem. So it's out in stores and has been since last month. If you haven't already picked it up, what are you waiting for?

I enjoyed the last DVD, and I realized it helps a lot to watch all five episodes back-to-back to better understand what's going on.

May 09 2006: Site is now officially listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network!

Apr 09 2006: From Neil, a link to the Bandai PDF sales weeky mailer, which has the cover art for the last DVD. Thanks, Neil!

Apr 07 2006: RightStuf.Com has the third DVD available for preorder right here. Finally! It'll be out on July 11:

An operation has been set into motion that will flush out the traitor within the FAF and ensure the safety of everyone. While Yukikaze lays down a holographic decoy, all FAF forces are ordered to evacuate back through "the Passageway." The only thing that stands between them and Earth is the entire JAM army. Lt. Rei Fukai and Yukakaze will have to sortie one last time to break open a path through the swarms of JAM but will they, themselves, be able to return to base?

Feb 05 2006: A new layout -- hopefully easier to read -- using Yumi Tada's art from the Japanese DVD covers and the font Dirty Headline.

Jan 26 2006: Finally got around to uploading the cover for Operation 5.

Dec 16 2006: It's out!! My copy arrived a few days ago. Alas, it's a Christmas present from my husband so this means I have to wait a few more days to watch it. :)

Cover ImageSep 04 2005: Over 50 fans! Thanks to all who've added their name to the Yukikaze listing; it's been a pleasure to meet so many fans from around the world. And... RightStuf has a link up for the Yukikaze DVD #2, scheduled for release on Dec 13 2005. Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season. Not a lot of details regarding the DVD yet, though.

Edited to add, thanks to Neil for this Bandai link, which has cover art, basic info on the DVD, and a short summary. Larger cover.

Jul 28 2005: It's an anniversary! You Have Control turned a year old on Jul 27.

Jul 07 2005: Littleharlock's Newslog comes through again with info on the fifth episode: "Long awaited by the fans (and the pre-order for it ranks among Amazon.jp top anime DVD pre-orders) is the 5th and final Volume for GONZO´s OVA Sentô Yôsei Yukikaze. Watch Impress now has an article up for the postrecording of the final episode. Sentô Yôsei Yukikaze, an OVA adaption based on the famous Sci-Fi novel by Chohei Kanbayashi, started out its release back in 2002 and the final DVD for it will be released at last in Japan on 26th August (see my 2005/05/17 entry for release details). Instead of the usual 30 min. for the previous four episodes the final of Yukikaze will span over 48 minutes."

Better yet, there's a few screencaps from the final episode: Rei, Jack, Aerial Fight #1, Aerial Fight #2, Aerial Fight #3.

May 21 2005: Littleharlock's Newslog reports that Operation Five will be out in Japan on Aug 26 2005. More details over there on the special edition goodies. For the US/Canadian fans, sill no word from Bandai on their release date plans.

CoverApr 07 2005: Aarrgghh! More delays in Japan on this series and its Mave-chan off-shoot means a longer delay for those of us in the US/Candada. Oh, well. The cover is pretty! From Littleharlock's Newslog: "For all those waiting for the Sentô Yôsei Yukikaze FAF Kôkû Senshi DVD release (see my 2005/02/27 entry for release details) out of Bandai Visual´s Emotion Plus line, you need some more patience. Originally scheduled to be released in February 05, the DVD plus Book has been pushed back to a May release date and now all shops list that it has been delayed back to be released on 22nd July 2005."

Feb 20 2005: A little more information about what's going on with Yukikaze both in Japan and for the Region 1 (US/Canada) DVD release. From the Katsucon panel report via Anime News Network, "The fifth Yukikaze OVA will be finished in Japan in either April or May. Originally, Bandai was planning on releasing the series on two DVDs, but because of the delay in the production schedule, they will be changing the release format to three volumes. The second Yukikaze DVD will come out soon with episodes 3 and 4. The third volume will contain the last OVA, and also Mave-chan, a short spin-off of the series."

Yay! So glad to finally have solid release info. Oh, and I also uploaded the scans from the first volume of the Yukikaze manga, In "Extras."

Dec 22 2004: My Yukikaze manga arrived, I made a few scans, and now there's a new desktop in the "Extras" section. ^^

Dec 13 2004: If you're looking for Yukikaze artwork, there's a manual, which you can buy here, and a manga, by Yumi Tada. The manga is also available at YesAsia, but I bought my copy at Sasuga Bookstore. Both are in Japanese only. Also, there was this announcement today at Anime News Network, about the opening of the official site for "Gonzo's upcoming Bishoujo spin-off of Sentou Yousei Yukikaze." The website is here, and I really don't know much else about it. Except it seems a little...weird. Also added a new link and a new wallpaper in Extras.

Oct 07 2004: Added an MP3 of the ending theme "RTB" to the Extras section.

Aug 30 2004: For Region 1 Yukikaze fans, the Bandai panel at the recent Otakon reported that there will be only one more DVD release. Here's the report in full from AnimeOnDVD.Com:

"It was confirmed that there will only be one more volume of Yukikaze, and that Bandai is waiting for the fifth episode to be completed. The limited collections will contain exclusive bonus items (and will not include any bonus items already released), and will be bricks rather than box sets (and as such, the original packaging artwork would not be included). When asked if the fans who had bought the individual discs would be "screwed" out of the new bonus items, Jerry hinted that that would not be the case."

YUKIKAZE © Bandai, Gonzo