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"You Have Control" is the TAFL-listed fanlisting for Sentou Yousei Yukikaze.

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Last Update: Feb 20, 2019
Opened: Jul 27, 2004
Collective: Absolute Trouble

About Fanlistings

A fanlisting is a website where people who are fans of a subject -- such as a book, movie, singer, TV show, actor, character, etc. -- add their name and country to a list along with other fans of the same subject. It's a fun and easy way to show your fandom, and to see how many people from around the world share your interests. You don't need a website in order to add your name to the list; all you need is an appreciation for Yukikaze.

About Yukikaze

The five-episode OVA series, which recently finished production, debuted in 2002 and was released as part of Gonzo's 10th Anniversary celebration. Yukikaze is a classic tale of man and machine vs. aliens, and told through the experiences of Lt. Rei Fukai, who pilots the AI fighter jet Yukikaze.

"Unbeknownst to the general population, an alien force opened an inter-dimensional gate in Antarctica over 30 years ago in an attempt to invade the Earth. The unified forces of Earth formed an elite military unit under command of the United Nations to combat the aliens and to push them back towards their own dimension. But the war still rages on. Rei Fukai is an elite pilot of the Special Air Force (SAF) and designated pilot of the Yukikaze, an advanced fighter armed with a sentient computer control system. When fear of alien infiltration within the SAF spreads, the Yukikaze may be the only weapon humanity has to bring an end to this war."

Misfits, outcasts, alien invaders, reluctant heroes, women with issues, high tech gadgetry, friendship, sacrifice...Yukikaze has all this and more, and if you're a fan of this show, I hope you'll add your name to the list.

Yukikaze Books in English

Several of the Yukikaze novels have been translated into English and are available for purchase at Haika Sorou.


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