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Lucifer and Mazikeen

I loved Lucifer and Mazikeen separately as characters, and even more so when they were together as lovers, friends, and allies. I think it was because on their own they were characters who could be hard to warm up to, but together they brought out the best in each other. Their relationship was unusual and layered, occasionally even pushing at the boundaries of what is comfortable or traditional in gender roles.

Lucifer's relationship with Mazikeen adds a measure of warmth to his usual cold, calculating elegant self. Mazikeen's devotion to Lucifer could have weakened her character, but instead was part of her strength -- and added a vulnerability to her that made her very sympathetic.

They were equals for the most part, and Mazikeen was the only one Lucifer really trusted. He trusted in her intelligence and strength enough that he didn't rush off to rescue her when she got into trouble on his behalf. When she really needed him, he was there -- and it worked the other way around as well, since Mazikeen helped Lucifer out of a tough spot more than once. For Lucifer, Mazikeen was a friend, protector, and lover all rolled into one. For Mazikeen, Lucifer accepted her as she was, and with him she found a man worthy of her passions and loyalty. More importantly, he didn't feel threatened by her independence or abuse her devotion. It was only toward the end of the series that he disappointed her.

I named the fanlisting "Unforgettable" because of one of their conversations toward the end of the series, but since it might be a little spoilery for those who are new to series or haven't finished it yet, I won't say more than that. Unforgettable also perfectly describes my feelings for these two characters and their relationship. Thank you, Mike Carey, for a great series. I enjoyed every moment of it.

(But, aarrgghhh!! I wish you hadn't cheated in how Mazikeen answered Spera's question about the emptiness of front and center! )

About the Lucifer Series

Lucifer and Mazikeen made their grand entrace in Neil Gaiman's popular Sandman series, in Volume #4 Seasons of Mist (1989.) In that story arc, Lucifer has a pivotal encounter with Morpheus that leads Lucifer to quit his role as lord of Hell. Mazikeen is introduced as Lucifer's companion and lover, where she's portrayed as a mysterious woman with a deformed face who is totally devoted to Lucifer.

Mike Carey began writing the Lucifer spin-off series in 1999 and brought it to its close in June 2006. The series has been released in 11 graphic novels, the last of which also includes the one-shot Nirvana.

"Written by Mike Carey, Lucifer's story continues. Now running a piano bar (an element introduced in the Sandman story The Kindly Ones) called Lux in Los Angeles with the assistance of his Lilim female consort, Mazikeen, Lucifer is portrayed as sophisticated and almost charming, similar to the stereotypical Christian devil. Beneath his charisma, however, Lucifer is a deadly and Machiavellian character, with no regard for human life or indeed anyone or anything but himself [...] Despite his egotistic and narcissistic tendencies, he does follow something akin to a code of honor." ~ Wikipedia

It's a pretty good summary, except that Lucifer does care for at least one other character in the series -- Mazikeen.

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