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A fanlisting is a website where people who are fans of a subject -- such as a book, movie, singer, TV show, actor, character, etc. -- add their name and country to a list along with other fans of the same subject. It's a fun and easy way to show your fandom, and to see how many people from around the world share your interests. You don't need a website in order to add your name to the list; all you need is an appreciation for Serpico's character.

About Serpico

Serpico is a man who wears many faces and plays many roles in Berserk. He was once a herald with the Holy Iron Chain Knights, is currently the group's chief cook and bottle-washer, and while he's still Farnese's loyal servant and kindred spirit, the winds of change seem to be blowing him in new directions, albeit rather slowly.

And what's not to like about a guy who wields a feather duster with such deadly panache?

Serpico's complacent and occasionally clownish facade conceals a dark past and a complicated relationship with Farnese, who doesn't know he is her half-brother. His relationship with Guts is guarded and not without its problems, since Serpico doesn't feel Farnese is safe around a man who is a mosnter magnet and who also isn't in full control of magical armor that transforms him into a practically unstoppable killing machine. Lately, they seem to be coming to an understanding about each other.

While Serpico is ambivalent about the changes taking place in his life -- and Farnese's -- he's taken up the gauntlet of fighting apostles and demons. His almost uncanny ease and skill in fighting with the magical sword and cloak takes even Guts and Schierke by surprise at times.

The group dynamics are still on the fragile side and there's lots of little secrets still untold and plenty of doubts and fears to go around, all of which means life won't be dull with the Guts group (not that it ever is.) Eventually Serpico will meet Griffith and his new Hawks, and how that will play out should be very interesting.

About the Berserk

Set in a fantasy world with a (mostly) medieval feel, Berserk follows the journey of a young swordsman named Guts as he battles to defy the odds against him and find a purpose to his life -- and to take revenge against a former friend who betrayed him and those he cared about. Although dark and violent, the story also has its humorous moments, and its strong cast of characters and classic quest theme should appeal to anyone who enjoys epic adventure tales revolving around destiny, fate, and the consequences of chasing after one's dreams.

Berserk is the creation of Kentarou Miura, and is published by Young Animal/Jets Comics. It's also been licensed for release in the US by Dark Horse. There have also been two anime series produced.

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