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About Fanlistings

A fanlisting is a website where people who are fans of a subject -- such as a book, movie, singer, TV show, actor, character, etc. -- add their name and country to a list along with other fans of the same subject. It's a fun and easy way to show your fandom, and to see how many people from around the world share your interests. You don't need a website in order to add your name to the list; all you need is an appreciation for romance novels in all their diversity.

Why Romance Novels?

Because romance is the "positive energy" genre of fiction, the genre that reaffirms not only love, but also tells stories about people who overcome odds and daunting obstacles, both within themselves as well as in the world around them, to make their dreams and hopes a reality.

Not to mention there's probably hot sex involved somewhere along the way, and hot sex is always a good thing.

Romance novels encompass an astonishing variety of subgenres and types of stories, so there's a little something out there for every taste. There are sexy books and sweet books, books that take place in modern day cities, medieval castles, other countries, or distant worlds. Heroes can be dukes, cowboys, doctors, adventurers, military men, spies, or even something not entirely human. Same goes for the heroines. There are comedies, tear-jerkers, adventures, erotica, multi-cultural romances, suspense, and mysteries. Some books are short and some are long, but they all have one thing in common: in the end, the reader knows the hero and heroine will overcome their obstacles and make a commitment to be together.

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