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Feb 26 1564: Christopher Marlowe born to John Marlowe, a shoemaker, and wife Katherine

1579: Marlowe receives a scholarship at the King's School Canterbury

Dec 1580: Marlowe in residence at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

1581-87: Parker Scholar at Corpus Christi

1584: Marlowe petitions for his BA

1585-86: Marlowe spends large periods of time away from Cambridge

1586(?): Writes Dido, perhaps with Nashe

Jul 1587: Marlowe is granted his MA after Privy Council clears him of treasonous charges by stating he was in the service of the Queen

1587-88: Tamburlaine I/II performed in London

1588(?): Published Ovid's Elegies and Lucan's First Book

1588-89: Possible composition of Faustus

Sep 18 1589: Imprisoned in Newgate on suspicion of murder

Dec 3 1589: Cleared of murder charge

1590(?): Jew of Malta written; Marlowe possibily working in France as a courier

1591: Rooms with fellow dramatist Thomas Kyd

Jan 26 1592: Deported from Holland after being implicated in a counterfeiting scheme

May 9 1592: Bound over to keep the peace after a fight with constables

1592(?): Writes Edward II and Massacre at Paris

1592-93: Theaters close due to plague; possible composition of Hero and Leander and possible later date for composition of Faustus

May 18 1593: Privy Council issues warrant for Marlowe's arrest on charges of heresy

May 20 1593: Marlowe answers warrant and appears before Privy Coundil

May 30 1593: Marlowe killed by Ingram Frizer, allegedly in self-defense, in Deptford

Jun 1 1593: Marlowe buried at St. Nicholas Church, Deptford

Jun 2 1593(?): Marlowe accused of numerous blasphemies by Richard Baines

Jun 28 1593: Frizer pardoned for Marlowe's murder

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