About Judeau

Judeau (Judo) was part of the original Band of the Hawk and he had a useful skill for knife-throwing. He was one of Griffith's valued fighters, but his greatest strength came from his ability to read the emotions of other people. Quiet, calm, and practical, Judeau was often the voice of reason when handling the more volatile Hawks like Guts, Casca, and Corkus.

Judeau is so likable because, as he admits, he's pretty good at a lot of things, but not a stand-out in any of them. His honesty and down-to-earth personality make him a kind of "average joe" character that people can easily identify with. Guts and Griffith are so powerful and extraordinary that they overshadow just about everyone. They make the story move and provide excitement and suspense, but it's the characters like Judeau who help add heart to the story. Lots of people might wish they were as strong and courageous as Guts or as brilliant and popular as Griffith, but most of us are far more like the "average joe" Judeau.

Judeau's final sacrifice for Casca may have gone unrecognized, but in the end he was as much a hero as anyone else in the story.

About Berserk

Set in a fantasy world with a (mostly) medieval feel, Berserk follows the journey of a young swordsman named Guts as he battles to defy the odds against him and find a purpose to his life -- and to take revenge against a former friend who betrayed him and those he cared about. Although dark and violent, the story also has its humorous moments, and its strong cast of characters and classic quest theme should appeal to anyone who enjoys epic adventure tales revolving around destiny, fate, and the consequences of chasing after one's dreams.

Berserk is the creation of Kentarou Miura, and is published by Young Animal/Jets Comics. It's also been licensed for release in the US by Dark Horse. There have also been two anime series produced.

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