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March 02, 2011Priest fan Chris sent me an email about an interview with Min-Woo Hyung, in which he indicates he'd like to one day finish the series.

May 17, 2011 — Oh, yeah...the movie is out. I'll probably go see it, if just for the eye candy.

Jul 15, 2010 — While news on the Priest series continues to be, sadly, non-existent, Innocence from Germany emailed me with a link to Min-Woo Hyung's new work, Ghostface. I haven't seen a listing for it yet in the US/Canada or UK. It does look like the original books are being re-issued in anticiption of the movie's release, so if you missed buying them earlier, you'll get a second chance...

Oct 23, 2009 — Still no updates on Volume 17's publishing status in S. Korea, much less a new Tokyopop edition. However, there's some good news related to the movie, which is now listed at IMDB and apparently scheduled for release in 2010. AnimeNewsNetwork reports that Tokyopop will release an "original graphic novel" called Priest: Purgatory, that will "that will bridge Min-Woo Hyung's Priest horror manhwa and Screen Gems' upcoming film adaptation starring Paul Bettany. The book will ship in 2010." This seems to be a sensible move, seeing as how the film involves vampires instead of fallen angels. For more info on the movie, here's a brief blurb, and a little more about the other actors: Keith Urban (the new Dr. McCoy in Star Trek) and Stephen Moyer (True Blood's vampire Bill). I'll probably go see the movie, if only in the hopes that it will do well enough to inspire Min-Woo Hyung to finish his series.

Sep 08 2008 - Thanks to Robop for the email with this info: "Just wanted to inform you that Hyung Min-woo is still drawing comics, but it's a new project called Ghostface ( I have no idea what's happening with Priest since I can't read Korean. I was looking for the author's website and came upon this info and thought you would like to know about it."

Good news, in a way, but it does make me think Priest is on hiatus and may or may not continue.

Feb 25 2008 - There's still no new info on Volume #17 and Daiwon, the Korean publisher, still shows only sixteen volumes available for sale. I honestly don't know the status of this series. I hope it will be finished, but it could be the creator has moved on to other projects or has put the series on hiatus.

Apr 17 2007 - Volume #16 is out in stores. Amazon just delivered my copy. New cover artist for these last two volumes, and I do miss Swanland's art. For those who want to catch up with Ivan in this book, well...there's no Ivan. Lizzy's still a no-show, but Coburn and his crew make a kick-ass showing and everyone's favorite dapper fallen angel, Armand, also shows up. While I haven't heard any info on Volume #17, the book does end with a "to be continued in Volume 17" note.

Feb 22 2007 - Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention the next volume is out on April 10! Judging by the cover and the description, it sounds like it'll be Ivan-lite, but the good news is that Coburn is back!

Jan 01 2007 - Ah, spammers. Not my favorite creatures. When I blocked some IP addresses, it broke the join form and people were getting a "not a valid country!" error when they tried to join. That's now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you tried to join before but couldn't, please give it a try now.

Nov 05 2006 - The old fanlisting script failed spectacularly and I've replaced it with a different one. Good news is that Priest #15 is finally available (already bought and read my copy!)

Jul 21 2006 - TOKYOPOP has a cover up on their site for Priest 15, yay!

May 09 2006 - Rejoice! Amazon finally has a listing for Priest #15, showing a November 2006 release. I am so going to pre-order that book right now...

Mar 15 2006 - The cover for Volume #16, which was recently published in Korea. Thanks to Domas Porada for the news -- and check out the site for a summary of the book as well as a few other tidbits of info. I knew BERSERK was an inspiration for Hyung. Still no word from TOKYOPOP on a publication date for Volume #15.

Jan 28 2006 - More on the PRIEST move from Love Manga. This sounds a little alarming because it's not the plot of the book. It sounds far more like Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I loved that movie, but if they wanted to make VHD:B into a movie why not just option that one?

Jan 26 2006 - "Andrew Douglas, director of Amityville Horror, is to direct a live-action adaptation of Min-Woo Hyung's Priest, a manhwa available in North America from Tokyopop. Production is scheduled to start this summer." From ANN, and thanks to Ian for the heads-up!

Jan 24 2006 - Not really Priest-related, but Raymond Swanland, who illustrated the covers for the US editions, has a website. While I wouldn't have minded the original covers, I have to say this guy does beautiful work. I've often wondered why TOKYOPOP didn't keep the original covers, and can only assume they felt the simple black-and-white format wouldn't "pop" off the shelves enough.

Dec 11 2005 - Sorry about the broken link on one of the desktops. I've been doing some site clean up and didn't realize I'd botched up the link. Oh, and it looks like Domas Porada has a brief summary of Volume #15. Now all we need is an on sale date!

Sep 17 2005 - Kaoru from The Curse of Ivan is coordinating a project for the fans to send a Christmas message to Min-Woo Hyung via the French publisher of PRIEST. Please visit the News Section at her site for more information (there's an English link.)

Jul 21 2005 - A new wallpaper in the "Extras" section. This one came about kind of by accident...

Jul 17 2005 - Due to the sharp eyes of Kaoru, who runs the French fan site The Curse of Ivan, we have an image of the Justice N Mercy slipcase cover -- and Ivan's on the cover, too. Thank you, Kaoru! A little digging around on my part turned a number of places selling the book, including here and here and here.

Jul 13 2005 - Oooooh, check out this new gallery for a sneak peek at some of the images from the upcoming art book. Thanks to Robin, the webmaster of Domas Porada!

Jul 05 2005 - More from Greg on the Justice N Mercy art book. The latest Previews catalog (a monthly catalog featuring upcoming releases found in comic book stores) had a short feature (page 344) on the book. The 120-page art book comes with a slipcase, is 7 3/8" x 11 3/8" in size, and is being listed at $39.99 (US$). "Justice N Mercy is a spectacular art book compiling color art, sketches, and sequential art by Min-Woo Hyung, one of today's most talented young Korean artists. This slipcased volume uses special printing techniques and high quality paper, and includes never-before-seen artwork based on the popular Priest series, published by TOKYOPOP, as well as images from past and upcoming projects such as Doomslave, Hitman and Sal. This book will be printed in Korea with special colors and metallic inks not available in the United States."

And...Greg also let me know that On July 7th the fourth issue of the comic MU (from Studio Ice) is being released with 2 covers, one of which is drawn by Hyung. Greg emailed me the image: MU Cover by Minwoo Hyung.

Thanks again!

Jun 30 2005 - Thanks to Greg for emailing me with more information on the Justice N Mercy art book:

just wanted to give you a little more info regarding Justic N Mercy. A few months back I e-mailed the head of 'Studio Ice' a group of Korean comics artists that Min Woo has worked with. He told me that 'J N M' will be a showcase of his illustrations/concept art. At this site, you can find 30 sweet pictures but unfortunately you can't get the hi res pics. Anyways:

Again, thanks to Greg for the links. Looks very nice!

Jun 17 2005 - Just in time for Halloween, Tokyopop is releasing an art book called Justice N Mercy by Min-Woo Hyung. I have no idea what the subject matter is, though, since there's no description and nothing up on the Tokyopop site.

May 03 2005 - I uploaded a small image of the cover for Volume #15, which was published in Korea at the end of April. The cover is from this site.