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Jul 19 2007: Oh, yeah...and the site had its four year anniversary as of last month!

Preview Jun 08 2007: Finally a little more info on the upcoming VHD manga, and an accompanying official website! I'll give these a try, and I hope we'll get to see a manga version of Meier and Charlotte too.

Jan 05 2007: A new layout! I was getting tired of the old one.

Nov 05 2006: The old fanlisting script failed spectacularly and I've replaced it with a different one.

Sep 08 2006: A little bit of VHD-related news. The artbook is available for preorder over at RightStuf, and the VHD books will now also be released as manga by Digital Manga. More information here. Release date in late 2007.

Jun 06 2006: It's an anniversary! I opened Star+Crossed three years ago (I watched the movie again a couple months ago and it still makes me all sniffly.) Other news is that Dark Horse will be releasing Coffin: The Art of Vampire Hunter D in September 2006. You can read more about the book at their profile page.

PreviewNov 06 2005: Demon Deathchase, the next Vampire Hunter D novel, should be out in stores around December 14. This is the one that VHD: Bloodlust was based on. Revisit Meier and Charlotte in a different version of their story.

Aug 04 2005: A quick reminder that Dark Horse has the second novel (Raiser of Gales) scheduled for release on Aug 17...

Jul 31 2005: 100 fans! Yay!

Jun 04 2005: The Meier and Charlotte fanlisting celebrates its two-year anniversary this month, on June 13. Thanks to all those who've added their name to the listing over the past few years; it's been a pleasure meeting so many other fans of VHD and Meier and Charlotte!

May 09 2005: A quick reminder that the Dark Horse edition of the first VHD novel goes on sale this month. I have my copy pre-ordered!

Feb 07 2005: A few more details on the Vampire Hunter D novels, from this wonderful VHD resources website.

Jan 29 2005: At long last, the Vampire Hunter D novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi will be translated into English! Dark Horse has acquired the US rights to several of the earlier books, and the first volume has a scheduled release date of May 04, 2005. Finally!

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