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Cover —» Dec 21 2007 -- Thanks to Matt Moylan of UDON Entertainment for emailing me about the newly published domestic edition of Robot 4. The book is out in stores now and the series has a new publisher. Great news for Range Murata fans is that the publication schedule is changing to quarterly, according to the press release at UE's site:

"ROBOT, which has previously been released roughly annually, will now be moving to a quarterly release schedule. With 9 volumes of ROBOT already released in Japan (and more to come!), English readers have a lot to look forward to. Look for ROBOT Volume 4 everywhere artbooks, comics, and manga are sold in December 2007."

—» Nov 03 2007 -- Robot 9 is out and has been for a while, I just forgot to update. Pick up a copy over at Akadot Retail.

—» Jul 22 2007 -- Updated the layout and also cleaned up a few of the dead links from the news section here.

—» Jun 20 2007 -- Wow, it's been a while since I've made any news updates over here. Mr. Murata has updated his website, and has kindly included a page in English to list all his projects. Speaking of which, Robot 8 is listed as well as a PSE 2007 calendar.

—» Dec 10 2006 -- Robot 7 is listed over at Akadot Retail! I really like the cover on this one. And don't forget to check out the English versions over at Digital Manga Publishing. The first three volumes of Robot are available.

—» Aug 18 2006 -- Robot 6 is available for order over at Akadot Retail. Apparently this volume comes with a mini booklet and a figure designed by Mr. Murata!

—» May 04 2006 -- I bought form|code from Akadot Retail and it arrived a couple days ago. Oooh, it's absolutely gorgeous! A different format than the other art books I have, but one I really like. Definitely well worth the money to pick up this one, Murata fans!

—» Apr 09 2006 -- This site just passed its second anniversary.

—» Mar 15 2006 -- Murata was part of Gonzo's 10th Anniversary anime celebration (Last Exile) and now he's involved in their 15th Anniversary anime plans as well: Mardock Scramble (update: series cancelled.) Murata talked a little about the series for an ANN interview last year.

Also, looks like Robot 5 is available for order. Check out TokyoCentral's eBay shop, Akadot Retail, or AnimeBooks.Com, as they all carry Murata's works.

And, finally, the DMP (English) edition of Robot 2 will be out in stores on April 6 2006. ECampus is selling the book at a very nice discount.

Whew...that's all for now!

—» Feb 12 2006 -- Adakot Retail has form|code up for pre-order!

—» Jan 24 2006 -- My Synchrotone arrived. Lots of lovely sketches, though nothing to get too excited about. Ads for Robot 5 were included, as well as a flyer advertising the upcoming form|code (view the advert; it's a big file!) Speaking of form|code, it's available for pre-order at There's also an ad for it at Wani.

From AnimeOnDVD comes a little more info on Robot 5. The artist line up is: Range Murata, Hiroyuki Asada, Yoshitoshi ABe, Mami Itou, Kim Hyung-tae, SABE, shuzilow. HA, Kozaki Yusuke, Yumi Tada, Teicoku Syounen, Shin "Jason" Nagasawa, Fuji Jun, Houden Ezou, Shigeki Maeshima, Hirotaka Maeda, Miggy, Michio Murakawa, and Yasuda Suzuhito. I'm glad to see ABe continue, of course, but also Yumi Tada and Mami Itou. Very welcome news is the addition of Korean artist Kim Hyung-tae, best known for his stunning work on Magna Carta.

—» Jan 01 2006 - Just bought Murata's latest doujinshi. The description from the eBay listing: "New from Pasta's Estab. (PSE), this book was released as a doujinshi at Comic Market 69 in Tokyo, Japan! Range Murata released Sychrotone on Dec 29, 2005. This release consists of a collection of rough sketches and drawings that span many different projects, like Blue Sub 6, Last Exile, Robot art works, PSE Solid Collection packaging art, Pinky:st drawings, mechanical designs/sketches, etc. Please note: this release is not appropriate for children. It covers a wide range of works, so you will find more in here than just Last Exile drawings. Size A4 (art book size); Total Pages: 32, All monochrome print on off-white paper. Soft-cover douinshi."

—» Nov 23 2005 - Just a small update, mostly because I changed the layout. I added cover thumbnails for the two upcoming releases, which are both TBA as far as I know.

—» Oct 13 2005 - An interview with DMP's Isaac S. Lew, the guy who was instrumental in bringing Robot Vol. #1 to US fans. Isaac generously answered a whole bunch of questions about Robot, Range Murata, and the nuts-and-bolts of bringing a project like this to the US. He also has positive news about future English editions of the other Robot volumes from Digital Manga Publishing. And don't forget to check out DMP's Robot page for more information on the US release. Robot is a gorgeous book. Highly recommended!

—» Aug 27 2005 - From Littleharlock's Newslog: "Wani Magazine plans to release a new Range Murata artbook titled Range Murata Gashû - form code. Wani Magazine announced some details about its content which are:

Range Murata Gashû - form code (3rd drawing works limited edition)

Release Date: 2005 (planned for an autumn release)

• Kairakuten Illustrations and Contributions by Murata from June 2001 to April 2004
• robot Color Illustrations and Cover art

The Artbook is supposed to come with a special binder (black color).

Mangaoh as well as other stores (i.e. Manga no Mori) lists that robot4 by Range Murata & Co. is scheduled by Wani Magazine to be released in late September.

(Source: Murata Range no Kisochishiki, Mangaoh)

—» Aug 04 2005 - A quick reminder that the Digital Manga, Inc. publication of the first Robot volume will be out this month. More information on that forthcoming.

—» Jul 12 2005 - Robot #3 is finally out. I haven't checked the usual suspects to see if they're carrying it, although I have seen TokyoCentral carrying copies on eBay. Looks like they had a cover switch right before going to print.

—» Jun 16 2005 - has Robot #1 (the English version) available for pre-order here.

—» Jun 13 2005 - Looks like the release date for Robot 3 is June 30. Again, this date is likely to change, but once I see it offered for sale at the usual online sites, I'll update again.

—» May 26 2005 - Range Murata will be attending AnimeExpo in July to promote Digital Manga's English-language publication of Robot Volume 1.

Also, Robot 3 should be out in June. The release dates are frequently subject to change, but as soon as I see it for sale I'll make a note of it.

—» May 1 2005 - Robot 2 is finally out. Murata only has a cover illlustration and a couple inside illustrations on this one, no manga. According to one vendor, though, it's a lovely book and well worth purchasing for the stories by the other artists in the compliation. There's previews at Wani. So far, I've seen the book for sale on eBay by TokyoCentral and at AnimeBooks.

—» Feb 18 2005 - AnimeOnDVD posted a press release from Digital Manga announcing that they will be publishing Range Murata's compilation manga Robot Vol. 1 in the US. The on-sale date is listed as July. Wow. I'm glad I held off on buying this one. And speaking of Robot, its continuation, Robot Volume 2, should be available for purchase in March.

—» Feb 11 2005 - Murata is on staff as a conceptual designer for a new GONZO anime series called SoltyRei.

—» Jan 30 2005 - The Last Exile Aerial Log book has had its release date pushed back to Feb 23 2005. More details and pre-ordering available at TokyoCentral and as of Feb 17 it is also listed for pre-order at Amazon Japan.

Artwork © Range Murata