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About Farnese & Serpico

Farnese and Serpico were introduced in Volume 14, shortly after the events of the Eclipse. Farnese is a commander of the Holy Iron Chain Knights and constantly at her side is her herald, Serpico. While following rumors involving the Hawk of Light/Darkness prophecy, Farnese and her troops encounter the remains of the sacrificed Band of the Hawk in a lake of blood. They cross paths with Guts after his fight with the apostle Roshina and, because of his weakened condition, are able to capture him. This sets up later events for Farnese and Serpico to join Guts on his journey.

Farnese is the daughter of the noble Vandimion family and has several older brothers vying for control of the family fortune. As a child, Farnese witnessed heretics being burned at the stake, leading her to develop a fascination for fire as well as torture and death. After she burned down the family mansion, her father found her a position with the Holy Iron Chain Knights.

Serpico has been with Farnese since they were both children. Unlike Farnese, who acts out in regards to her fears and desires, Serpico is careful to keep his own concealed. Beneath the buffoonish facade he possesses sharp wits, quick reflexes, and excellent fighting abilities. He also has his fair share of dark secrets and trauma.

A key factor in their relationship is that Farnese doesn't know Serpico is her half-brother, the result of her father's casual affair with a serving woman. Although Lord Vandimion privately acknowledges Serpico as his son, he secures Serpico's silence on the issue by allowing him to stay in the mansion as Farnese's companion as well as by granting him a title.

Wherever goes Farnese, Serpico follows -- and his only concern is to keep her safe. Of course, this immediately becomes a problem for Serpico the instant she meets Guts.

Serpico and Farnese have gone through many changes since they were first introduced, but their understanding of, and need for, each other continues to bind them together. Their interactions run the range from simple loyalty to darker depths of co-dependency and forbidden desires. Berserk is full of wonderfully messy and potentially disastrous relationships, and the Farnese and Serpico subplot pulled me in by the end of Volume 22. I don't know how their part in the story will resolve, but I plan on following them right through to the end.

About Berserk

Set in a fantasy world with a (mostly) medieval feel, Berserk follows the journey of a young swordsman named Guts as he battles to defy the odds against him and find a purpose to his life -- and to take revenge against a former friend who betrayed him and those he cared about. Although dark and violent, the story also has its humorous moments, and its strong cast of characters and classic quest theme should appeal to anyone who enjoys epic adventure tales revolving around destiny, fate, and the consequences of chasing after one's dreams.

Berserk is the creation of Kentarou Miura, and is published by Young Animal/Jets Comics. It's also been licensed for release in the US by Dark Horse. There have also been two anime series produced.

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