Why the Lights Love?

To me, nothing captures the magic of the Christmas holiday season quite like the display of colorful lights. You don't even have to be religious to enjoy the cheerful, twinkling artistry that homes, towns, and cities create during this time of the year. Since I'm a Wisconsinite (way up North in the USA, near Canada), I think it's best when snow is involved, but pink flamingo lights mixed with Christmas lights on a tropical beach house works, too. I'm just more familiar with the snowy kind of Christmas than a warmer one.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my mother taking me holiday shopping in downtown Madison, back when there was a thriving department store area around the state capital. I still remember the stars, the crunching snow, breaths misting in the cold air ... and looking down each street at all those beautiful lights. A lot of years have passed since then and I'm a mother myself now, but I've never forgotten the magic of that moment. I created this fanlisting for the awe-struck little child who still exists inside those of us who love Christmas holiday nights full of sparkly lights.

If you're a fan of Christmas holiday light displays, big or small, I hope you'll add your name to this listing.

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