About Dante & Devil May Cry

Dante is the main character of Capcom's long-running and popular Devil May Cry video game franchise. To date, there's been four video games released, a short-lived comic book series, several novels, the manga series, a 12-episode anime series that aired in 2007, and a bunch of collectibles.

In brief, Dante was one of twin sons born to the "legendary dark knight" Sparda, a demon who chose to protect humans and fight against his own kind, and his human lover Eva. Sparda died when Dante was young, and Eva raised the two boys until she was killed by Sparda's enemies. Eva managed to save Dante but not Vergil, and Dante believed his brother to be dead. Dante vowed to kill all demons to avenge their deaths and eventually became a demon bounty hunter.

About the Manga Series

The manga series takes place a year before Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. DMC3 is the prequel to the original Devil May Cry game, which takes place some ten years after DMC3 and twenty years after Eva is killed and Vergil disappears. The manga was planned as a three-part series, with the first part focusing on Dante, the second part on Vergil, and the third part to focus on Mary, Arkham's daughter. Unfortunately, the mangaka quit and it's not known if Capcom will ever find a replacement. At this point, it looks like the series has ended with the second volume.

I'm delighted to be able to run this fanlisting because I love manga Dante. Well, I love all the versions of Dante, but there's something both amusing and kinda touching about the 18-year-old mouthy brat just starting out on his adventures. Along the way he'll suffer another major loss and mature quite a lot, but at this point in the story he's still a little selfish, still learning about life, still not reconciled to his demon heritage or his father's legacy. I particularly enjoyed the glimpse of what was really going on behind all that attitude. DMC isn't high-brow stuff, true, but it entertains me — and those flashes of decency and vulnerability hidden beneath Dante's swagger were nice touches. I can only hope there'll be more DMC manga series in the future to fill out Dante and Vergil's story.

About the Mangaka I don't have much, and what I do have is from TOKYOPOP's DMC3 detail page: "Chayamachi Suguro has worked on a wide variety of books, including period pieces with samurai and evil nazis, for manga publisher Biblos. His works include: Aza, Aka no Genyuugi, Kaoru-kun, and Jirou."

About the Anime Series

Under construction — I haven't seen it yet — and all I know is that it takes place a short time after DMC #1 and fits into the general time-frame of DMC #4. The first volume, containing episodes 1 - 4, was released in the US/Canada in February 2008 by ADV.

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