Griffith & Charlotte

Griffith was the common-born leader of the mercenary Band of the Hawk. Often referred to as the White Hawk, he was brilliant, charismatic, and intently focused on achieving his dream of becoming a king. He played a crucial part in saving the Kingdom of Midland, but his subsequent rise to power set in motion a series of events that led to his fall from grace as well as his eventual return as the fifth God Hand and the prophesied Hawk of Light/Darkness. He began the story as a hero, but he's no longer one of the "good guys," although there's always a chance he may redeem himself by the end.

Charlotte, the only child of the King of Midland, was sheltered by her father (for reasons not exactly paternal.) Although naive and idealistic, she showed courage and determination when situations went from bad to worse. As the heir to the throne of Midland, she was a major prize that didn't escape the notice of one very ambitious and unscrupulous mercenary. After her father's death, she became the ruler of Midland, but with various upheavals in the Berserk world, she spent most of her time in hiding or in captivity. Through it all, she never gave up hope that Griffith would return to her. Given what Griffith is capable of, however, she might regret that he did so.

Griffith and Charlotte together make for one potentially messy and murky relationship. Since she helped rescue him way back in Vol. #10, there's been huge changes to his character. He's not human anymore, but she doesn't know that -- or at least is coping or in denial about it. It's not clear yet what she thinks. She most definitely doesn't know about the horrific acts he committed in order to save himself and his dream. As a God Hand, Griffith is powerful enough to take the throne of Midland without Charlotte or the legitimacy she symbolizes, but perhaps he needs something else from her. At the very least, he seems to still need to be seen as a heroic savior.

Charlotte loves and idolizes Griffith. In the past, he viewed her as a tool to achieving his dream, yet he also cared for her in his own peculiar way. Seducing her was one of the uglier things he'd done, but he certainly paid a very high price for it. What he feels for her now, if anything, is up to speculation, but Griffith has already discovered that an all-powerful God Hand in a flesh-and-blood body is not at all immune to emotional feelings or physical sensations.

The most recent story action has a triumphant Griffith bringing Charlotte before the nobles of Vitrannis and Midland, and she's introduced Griffith to them as her fiance. Next up, when Miura feels it's time, is a wedding!

The lop-sided relationship between Griffith and Charlotte has been by turns sad, sweet, disturbing, and funny, and it remains ripe for tragedy, which is one reason why I find it so interesting. I hope you'll add your name to the listing if you're a fan of their relationship, and whether that's as a friendship, a romance, or just a curiosity over how their story will end, is up to you.

About Berserk

Set in a fantasy world with a (mostly) medieval feel, Berserk follows the journey of a young swordsman named Guts as he battles to defy the odds against him and find a purpose to his life -- and to take revenge against a former friend who betrayed him and those he cared about. Although dark and violent, the story also has its humorous moments, and its strong cast of characters and classic quest theme should appeal to anyone who enjoys epic adventure tales revolving around destiny, fate, and the consequences of chasing after one's dreams.

Berserk is the creation of Kentarou Miura, and is published by Young Animal/Jets Comics. It's also been licensed for release in the US by Dark Horse. There have also been two anime series produced.

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