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Fleet of Little Ships is the TAFL-listed fanlisting for the music of the anime series Last Exile. If the brass solo of Fleet of Little Ships gives you goosebumps, the martial air of Silverna gets your blood pumping, the melancholy strings of Lost Friend makes your eyes misty, the beats of Cloud Age Symphony sets your fingers tapping, or if any of Dolce Triade's music from Last Exile is a favorite of yours, I hope you'll join the list!

Members: 266
Last Update: Feb 20, 2019
Opened: Apr 05, 2004
Collective: Absolute Trouble

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A fanlisting is a website where people who are fans of a subject -- such as a book, movie, singer, TV show, actor, character, etc. -- add their name and country to a list along with other fans of the same subject. It's a fun and easy way to show your fandom, and to see how many people from around the world share your interests. You don't need a website in order to add your name to the list; all you need is an appreciation for the music from this series.


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