About Deshwitat & Rebirth

Deshwitat Lived Rudbich, or Desh for short, is a powerful vampire -- and what kind of vampire would he be without a moody attitude, a mysterious and tragic past, a lost love, and a vendetta against a friend-turned-foe?

After his release from a centuries-long imprisonment, Desh reluctantly teams up a girl he immediately orphaned upon his "rebirth," a young woman who should be his mortal enemy, an old friend struggling against his own curse, and a female monk of odd origin. Desh and his four companions soon find themselves in constant trouble as they face numerous bad guys determined to eliminate Desh...namely Kalutika, who was once Desh's friend. Why do so many want Desh all dusty? Well, it seems this creature of darkness will be the one to save humanity and certain powerful individuals consider Desh an obstacle to their plans.

An important theme in the story is the relationship between Desh and Kal: how their friendship began, how it evolved, how it all went terribly wrong, and where things will go for them in future volumes. Also of recent importance is the introduction of a character named Grey, who raises all sorts of questions because of how much he resembles Desh.

I'm also really enjoying the relationships between Desh, Rett, Millenear, and Remi. Their conflicts and growing bonds of friendship add depth and spice to Desh's struggles through the highs and lows of his adventures. All in all, REBIRTH has a little of everything: action, adventure, horror, drama, friendship, romance, tragedy, and a little campy humor.

Series Information

REBIRTH is a Korean manwha series and was first published in 1998. It's the creation of Kang-Woo Lee (sometimes just listed as Woo) and is published in the US/Canada by TOKYOPOP. There's currently twenty-two volumes available, and it is believed the series will end with Volume 24.