About Dark Schneider

Why a fanlisting for D.S.? Because he can always be counted on to dish up heroics with wicked wit, attitude, humor, and a dash of nakedness. And also because BASTARD!! is high camp — a "heavy metal fantasy" — and lotsof fun. It's not meant to be taken too seriously, and Kazushi Hagiwara has a good time poking fun at the sword & sorcery genre. While there's plenty of laughs, there's also serious moments, especially in the later volumes of the manga. Although his character changes from bad guy (sort of) to good guy (more or less), D.S. remains arrogant and smart-mouthed throughout the many fight scenes, lecherous interludes, and multiple instances of saving the castle, the girl, or the world.


Kazushi Hagiwara first began writing BASTARD!! in the late 1980s. the series is published in Ultra Jump and is up to Volume #27. At one time, Viz Media published the English-language manga, but no longer does so. The 1992 anime series included only six episodes, and was released in the US/Canada by Geneon. The anime covers about the first six volumes of the manga, so it's well worth your while to pick up the manga to check out the further adventures of Dark Schneider and Co.

There have also been several video games, including the current online MMORG.

BASTARD!! © Kazushi Hagiwara