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The Chronicles

Francis Crawford is the hero of Dorothy Dunnett's six-book epic historical series, the Lymond Chronicles. The books are: The Game of Kings, Queen's Play, The Disorderly Knights, Pawn in Frankincense, The Ringed Castle, and Checkmate.


Francis Crawford of Lymond one of the most compelling fictional heroes ever created. Young, brilliant, willful, handsome, charismatic, bad-tempered, athletic, musical, heroic, adventurous, poetic, flawed, honorable, reckless--the list goes on--he's sort of a cross between James Bond and Lawrence of Arabia.

Lymond begins the series as an outlawed mercenary and ends it as a trusted Scottish diplomat and advisor. In between, his adventures play out across 16th century Scotland, England, France, Malta, Turkey, and Russia. The books are packed with adventure, intrigue, and romance, and are peopled with familiar historical figures (and not so familiar historical figures) as well as a rich and diverse cast of secondary characters.

Dunnett's writing style brings to life the time period as well as the various locales, and through it all Francis Crawford of Lymond just shines. If you've never read the books, give them a try. If you already have, and are a fan of Lymond, I hope you'll add your name to this list.

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