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And a few scans from The Dawn special edition, with a focus on Alucard and Integra (and Pip!):

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September 2005 Young King Ours

Anderson breaks out a new weapon that involves stabbing himself and Alucard is less than happy about it...


June/July 2005 Young King Ours

Alcuard and Anderson do the fight thing as everybody watches...

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May 2005 Young King Ours

Alcuard gets a "welcome back" from both Integra and Seras, and in return Seras gets a pat on the head and a smile from her master ... who finally calls her Seras. Most significant moment for Alucard/Integra fans is that they greet each other as equals. Click on the thumbs to view the larger scans:

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April 2005 Young King Ours

Alucard and Integra meet again, in a scene reminiscent of their first meeting...


March 2005 Young King Ours

Alcuard gets a new look...


January 2005 Young King Ours

Alcuard finally gets back to London, Integra unleashes him, and the end result is a side of Alcuard's powers not seen before in the story. Maxwell isn't too happy with the situation and, yes, a mysteriously de-aged Walter is still hanging with the bad guys...

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About the Scans

Please note that I'm focusing on Alcuard/Integra pages, although I'll inlcude other interesting panels from time to time. I won't be scanning and uploading entire chapters.

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