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Oct 2006 Young King Ours

Section XIII is in bad shape, but not as bad as the end of last month's chapter implied. Has Integra had slit-pupil eyes like a vampire before and I just never noticed? Or maybe that's just Hirano's way of showing she's really pissed-off at Walter.

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May - Jul 2006 Young King Ours

I finally got a little caught up. Spoilery images ahoy! Mouse over the thumbs and if you want to avoid spoilers, don't click on the ones marked as such. Bad Walter! Y'know, when Integra told Walter to come back no matter what, I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it was okay to come back evil and working for the bad guys.

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May 2006 Young King Ours

Integra finally gets a couple panels, mainly to look sad about Alucard, who gets a little emotional over Anderson because he sees a lot of himself in Anderson. SPOILERS on the third thumbnail; don't click if you don't like spoilers.

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March 2006 Young King Ours

Seras prevents Anderson from lopping Alucard in half, until he finally raises his shaking hand to grab Anderson's blade and rallies to strike back.

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February 2006 Young King Ours

Well! This month's chapter wasn't what I'd expected. It's a flashback -- a waaaay back flashback to Vlad. And little Vlad! Poor kid had a lousy childhood...

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January 2006 Young King Ours

Scanned yet another OVA ad (this one's a double page!) and a panel from this month's chapter because even though there's no A/I interaction, it's not every chapter that Anderson scores one against Alucard...

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December 2005 Young King Ours

Just scanned the advert for the upcoming OVA that goes on sale in Japan in December.


November 2005 Young King Ours and Dawn Special Issue

Alucard cover; Alucard and Anderson both lose their heads. Literally...

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