About Alucard & Integra

Despite being a powerful vampire, Alucard is bound in service to the Hellsing family and its current master, Integra, whom he's served since she was a girl. Their relationship is a unique blend of hostility, concern, rivalry, and respect — and perhaps even something that goes a little deeper than duty or friendship. Hirano himself referred to their relationship as a "twisted love." Make of that what you will. This fanlisting welcomes all fans of the Alucard and Integra relationship, and whether that's as friends, a romantic interest, master-and-servant (or a combination ofany of these) is entirely up to you.

About the HELLSING Series

The ongoing HELLSING manga series and its prequel The Dawn inspired a thirteen episode anime series (GONZO, 2001) and a more recent manga-based OVA that is currently still in production (Geneon, 2006). The series is the creation of Kouta (Kohta) Hirano.

The story mostly takes place in present-day England, where Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing commands the Hellsing Organization, a secret paramilitary group whose mission is to search out and destroy the undead. Naturally, Integra, Alucard, and their crew run into plenty of opposition while trying to carry out that mission. Their foes have included the Vatican's infamous Iscariot (Section XIII) group and, most recently, the Millenia group.

HELLSING © Kouta Hirano