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The Players: As may be guessed by the name of the first book, there are nine (living) princes in Amber, as well as four princesses. A brief description (written by Jai of each follows:

  • Corwin: The protagonist of the series, and the narrator as well. He becomes locked in a struggle with his brothers over the crown of Amber, which his family apparently went to great lengths to keep from him.
  • Benedict: The eldest of the brothers, Benedict is cerebral and a master in the art of warfare. He prefers to stay out of the family politics, but will assist if he is needed.
  • Bleys: Red-headed and fun-loving, Bleys is not taken seriously by his family members. He is not without power, however, and throws his lot into the fray for the throne when what he values is threatened.
  • Brand: Mysterious and dangerous, Brand's motives reach far further than the Throne of Amber, and his actions nearly cause the destruction of Amber.
  • Caine: While a bit rakish, Caine is noble and trustworthy, and headstrong. He enjoys a bit of trouble, but as with many of the princes, has a strong loyalty to Amber and would do anything to ensure its safety.
  • Eric: Scheming and untrustworthy, Eric would go through anyone or anything to achieve his ends. He and Corwin are bitter rivals.
  • Gerard: A bit slow, but noble and true in his intentions, Gerard cares for Amber and will do whatever it takes to defend and preserve it. He does not act rashly, but is a powerful ally when he does act.
  • Julian: Vain and snobbish, Julian enjoys sport and hunting. He patrols the forests of Arden on horseback, and is a keen cavalryman.
  • Random: A bit of a wild child, Random enjoys drinking, partying, and women, and is thrown into the fray early in the series with Corwin. He soon plays an integral role in the series, and in Amber itself.
  • Dierdre: Noble, brave, and beautiful, Dierdre resents the fighting of her brothers for the throne, and is concerned most with peace and justice.
  • Fiona: Behind her fair guise is a woman who is cunning and wise to the ways of her brothers, and she carefully chooses her alliances. She is most happy when left to her own affairs, and causes little trouble.
  • Flora: Flaky and untrustworthy, Flora cares only for herself, and is therefore behind whoever has got the most power. She is a bit scattered and cares nothing for power herself, rather being left to whatever dalliances catch her fancy.
  • Llewella: Quiet and almost melancholy, Llewella keeps out of the affairs of court and is rarely an influence, as she prefers to stay away from Amber in shadow minding her own business.

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