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Creatively Speaking

» Range Murata on Alex Row

"I had trouble with him. I spent a lot of time, especially on the clothes. His face was designed quickly. In the original plan he was supposed to be the main character. The story was that he was out for revenge against Picaresque, the establishment. That idea was scrapped, but Alex's original form was already there. At first, my imagination was that he was quiet and gloomy, so when his character changed I spent some time thinking about how his clothes should be. At that time a design concept for the Sylvana wasn't fixed, so some parts of the clan were designed with Alex in mind. For example, I added some military flavor." (AnimePlay, Spring 2004)

» Crispin Freeman on Alex Row

"In Last Exile, when I first watched it, and I was watching Alex Rowe, and I sort of figured him out. I sort of I got him by about episode four or six. I said, "OK, I know what he's about; I can go in and record him." I had a sneaking suspicion what was driving him underneath. And I was absolutely right!" (A Very Different Place, Jive Online Magazine)

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